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Oct 6, 2021
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Setting up Loan Rules for CNY ReShare

The ReShare system does not provide for circulation across systems; it works as a medium to create transactions between institutions with different systems. ReShare supports library-to-library functionality, it does not circulate items to patrons. This is different from INN-Reach, where the item was circulated to patrons from different libraries. The loan rules described below will mimic the functionality in terms of the timing that was set up with INN-Reach.

Loan Rule to Lend to CNY Library

    The loan rule must provide for the 84-day patron loan period plus days for delivery and hold shelf. (In INN-Reach, the hold shelf time was set to 7 days.) Set the loan rule to 100-120 days. This will give the lending library a more probable due date to consider for identifying overdue items.

Loan Rule to Patron at Your Institution

    This loan rule sets the actual due date for 84 days from the date of pickup. Set the loan rule to 84 days.

CNY ReShare Support Process

  1. CNY’s Member Services Coordinator will triage all support issues for the ReShare service and will create a ticket with Index Data for anything requiring their expertise.
  2. The CNY listserv for ReShare, available here, is the method to communicate with CNY staff and CNY members to ask questions and report minor issues.
  3. If any part or all of your library’s ReShare is not working, please send an email to janelle@connectny.org, copying julia@connectny.org. Please include “Urgent” in the subject line, and a full description of the problem in the body of the email.

Library staff members can view reported issues via these links:

CNY reported issuesclick here

PALCI reported issuesclick here

Full backlog of Enhancementsclick here

Current submitted tickets with IDclick here

ReShare release notes can be found in the ReShare wiki.