Project Launch: October 20, 2012

Goal: To further our collaboration through greater mutual reliance on our respective circulating print book collections, and in the process relieving pressure on both library shelf space and storage space. To that end we will:

  1. Provide access to the maximum range of print resources while reducing the level of redundancy among low-use titles while carefully drawing down portions of our individual print collections.
  2. Equitably allocate the deselection & retention of titles.
  3. Identify uniquely held titles and establish a last copy policy for the consortium.

ConnectNY Libraries participating in the project

  • Adelphi University
  • Bard College
  • Canisius College
  • Cazenovia College
  • Colgate University
  • Hamilton College
  • Le Moyne College
  • Medaille
  • Pace
  • Saint Lawrence University
  • Union College
  • Vassar

Project Coordinators: Emily Hutton-Hughes (Colgate) and Deb Bucher (Vassar)

Project partner: Sustainable Collection Services

Criteria for titles included in the ConnectNY Circulating Monograph Project

  • focus on low use circulating monographs. We agreed that two copies of each title would be retained for ten years with a data driven review at some mid point.
  • data set includes:
    • titles that are currently held by 3 or more institutions in the group
    • published or added to the collection prior to 2000
    • last circulation before 2007
    • Titles with 3 or fewer circulations

Facts about the participating libraries

Total number of circulating print books 3,364,553
# published prior to 2000 2,512,126
% pub41%
# unique copies within the group 924,962

Project data

Number of allocable titles which will be retained 852,995
Number of titles which can *potentially* be withdrawn.
Each library determines local criteria for their withdrawal process

Key Document

The Last Copy Guideline Policy can be found under “Policies and Statistics”.

CNY Shared Print Trust Management Committee

Charge:  The Trust Management Committee reports to the CNY Council on the operations and projects of the CNY Shared Print Trust. Working in cooperation with the CNY Executive Committee, the Shared Print Trust Management Committee will form sub-committees and/or project task forces as needed to work on specific projects and functions related to the Trust.

One of the important tasks of the CNY Shared Trust Management Committee will be the development of a process of assessment including appropriate metrics and statistics that will allow the consortium to assess the effectiveness of its shared print trust program. Another important role of the Trust Management Committee will be to track developments and emerging trends in this field and to share new ideas about best practices with the CNY community. Finally, the Trust Management Committee will be responsible for coordinating and communicating retention and review decisions for each CNY Trust project.

Composition of the CNY Shared Print Trust Management Committee

  • The Trust Management Committee will have five members, including two library directors appointed from the CNY council; CNY ED will serve as an Ex-Officio member.
  • The Trust Management Committee shall select one member to be chair;
  • The four members shall serve for three years; (CNY may stagger membership at the beginning to achieve some continuity and overlap);
  • Project task forces and sub-groups may include a representative of the Trust Management Committee but will also reach out to other CNY library staff members as appropriate, depending upon the nature and specialization of the project or task.

Members of the Committee, appointed June 2014

Jeff Katz, Bard College, Co-Chair

Deb Bucher, Vassar College, Co-Chair

Brian Lym, Adelphi University