Q: What day is the last day that items, including items from CRL, can be requested through the INN-Reach catalog?

A: March 11, 2021.

Q: When will the INN-Reach catalog be turned off completely?

A: June 15, 2021.

Q: Should our library remove the link to the CNY library from our website/catalog?

A: That is a local decision. If you have the CNY e-books in your discovery and/or catalog, your patrons won’t need to access the CNY catalog to search for the CNY e-books. If you don’t make them available locally, you should plan to add them to your catalog/discovery before May 31 because CNY e-books won’t be included in the ReShare shared index.

Q: Will CNY e-books be available from JSTOR and ProQuest while ReShare is being implemented?

A: Yes, libraries should make the e-books available in their discovery services or catalog.

Q: How will CNY members place requests from each other during the period from March 12 through go-live on ReShare?

A: Libraries should set up a custom holdings string with CNY members in it. Run requests through CNY libraries first.

Q: Will delivery be the same?

A: Yes, ELD delivery will be used for all CNY materials.

Q: When will ReShare go live?

A: Mid-August 2021

Q: Will the CNY e-book bibliographic records be included in the ReShare index?

A:  No. If your library doesn’t make them available locally already, plan to add them to your catalog/discovery by June 1, 2021.

Q: Can items be renewed in ReShare?

A: No, there will be a single loan period (the loan period is TBD).

Q: Can items be recalled in ReShare?

A: Individual libraries can contact the borrowing library to initiate a recall, however, this functionality is not a part of ReShare.

Q: Will CRL records be in the new CNY catalog?

A: No.

Q: Can patrons return items to any CNY library?

A: No, they must be returned to the patron’s library.

Q: Can patrons pick up materials from any library when they request materials?

A: No, patrons can only select campus libraries from their institution.

Q: How frequently will records be updated in the shared index?

A: Weekly.

Q: What happens if an item is deleted between shared index updates?

A: The system will look for another copy to fulfill a request. If no copy exists, the patron will receive a message informing them that the item is no longer available.

Q: What will the loan period be?

A: Items will loan for 84 days with no renewal.