Why CNY?

CNY (ConnectNY), Inc. is a membership-driven nonprofit consortium of private academic libraries in New York State committed to empowering community through collaboration.

The mission of ConnectNY is to share collections, leverage resources, and enhance services through cooperative initiatives and coordinated activities.

Academic libraries looking to leverage the power of working together strategically will find value in membership in ConnectNY through resource sharing, cooperative collection development and management, networking and professional development, and the chance to participate in initiatives that a single library may find difficult to manage individually.

Resource Sharing

ConnectNY uses Innovative Interfaces, Inc.’s INN-Reach product to facilitate discovery and delivery across the membership, providing a fast and seamless experience for patrons. The shared catalog currently provides access to more than 8.5 million titles, including the consortia’s collectively owned e-book collection.

Member libraries are not limited to having Innovative Interfaces Inc.’s integrated library system to participate in CNY, and there are no additional charges for using a non-III system.

Members ship items through Empire Library Delivery, with most items being delivered in 2-4 days.

Delivery of non-returnables (articles, book chapters, etc.) is facilitated through a RapidILL “CNY pod” that can use ILLiad as the patron interface and staff management system. For more information about RapidILL, visit their website.

Cooperative Collection Development

CNY is developing a consortial collection of e-books through a DDA (Demand Driven Acquisition) model. See our For Staff page for more information about the e-book program.

In 2012, twelve member institutions participated in a collection analysis project to equitably allocate the retention and deletion of titles across the consortium. More information about this project and its outcomes can be found on the Programs page.

In 2015, seven CNY libraries became partners in the EAST (Eastern Academic Scholars Trust) project, with the retention commitments of five libraries from the CNY print archive project being incorporated into the EAST retention commitments.

Networking and Professional Development

CNY is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of library directors from member institutions. The Board meets twice annually, providing networking for the directors as well as a venue for discussing the business of the corporation.

CNY sponsors annual events for employees from member libraries, giving people a chance to meet in person and share experiences while providing valuable feedback to the Board of Directors. Employees have the opportunity to serve on committees and working groups to shape the future of the organization./p>

Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

CNY’s Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020 is grounded on the following strategic statements:

  1. Connect NY is made up of diverse independent institutions operating as ONE to maximize human resources.
  2. Connect NY develops new models of e-resource licensing.
  3. ConnectNY enhances and expands access to all types of collections: print, digital, and special.
  4. ConnectNY focuses on the user experience.
  5. ConnectNY is entrepreneurial in maximizing funding and resources.

The complete plan can be viewed here.

Center for Research Libraries Records Access

The bibliographic records of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) are included in the CNY union catalog. Patrons from CNY libraries with membership in CRL can easily request books from CRL through the CNY catalog.

Criteria for Membership:

  1. The library must have a stated interest in the mission of CNY (ConnectNY), Inc.;
  2. The library collection must appropriately augment the union collection;
  3. The library must be willing to support resource-sharing and other policies necessary for an effective system, including participating in the CNY (ConnectNY), Inc. delivery system;
  4. The library must be willing to have staff participate in committees and governance;
  5. Collection budget and staffing level must be appropriate to support the curriculum, now and into the future.

Please contact Pamela Jones, Executive Director, at pjones@connectny.org for information on how to join ConnectNY.