Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Executive Director serves as an Ex Officio non-voting member of the Committee.

Meetings may be called by the Chair or by any 3 members of the committee.

Maintains surveillance of the operations and affairs of the Corporation and is empowered to transact only such business as may be necessary between Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors, unless otherwise authorized by the Board.


Financial Duties

  • Oversees audits and the overall fiscal affairs of the Corporation.
  • Develops budget for approval by the Board.
  • Proposes policies governing the finances of the Corporation for adoption by the Board;
  • Endeavors to assure that all the Corporation’s institutional funds are deposited, invested and withdrawn in a manner consistent with all applicable statutes, regulations and contractual obligations, if any.
  • Assures that proper federal and state compliance and tax filings are submitted, and that any taxes due have been paid or, otherwise, addressed.
  • Periodically reviews the Corporation’s internal and financial controls, and the adequacy of the Corporation’s insurance coverage.
  • Responsible for strict adherence to the Audit Oversight Policy (By-laws, Appendix D)


Conflicts of Interest Duties

  • Responsible for strict adherence to, and enforcement of, the Corporation’s Board of Director’s Conflicts of Interest Policy (By-laws, Appendix B)
  • Assures that proper policies and procedures are in place to ensure that all newly-received and annually-submitted Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements, an unexecuted copy of which is annexed in the By-Laws as Appendix C are promptly provided to the Chair and shall subsequently see to it that they are properly considered for auditing/financial review purposes.
  • Any case-specific Related Party Transaction reports, together with the minutes of any related meetings, are to be provided to the Chair and made available for annual audits/financial reviews.


Review of Executive Director

  • The Chair and/or the Executive Committee perform the annual performance review of the Executive Director.
  • The Chair and/or the Executive Committee oversee a compensation analysis of the Executive Director to run concurrently with the annual performance evaluation.
  • In order to determine the reasonableness of compensation as it applies to the Corporation, this compensation analysis shall confirm that:
  • the compensation to be authorized and awarded is reasonable for the services to be provided to the Corporation;
  • there is no relationship between any of the Corporation’s Directors or Officers and the Executive Director, or any other Key Employee(s) (if applicable), other than one of employment;
  • the Executive Director, or any other Key Employee(s) (if applicable), as appropriate, has met, or exceeded, performance expectations; brought value to the Corporation; and/or provided significant contributions to its growth and development;
  • no Director or Officer is a Relative of, or employed by the Executive Director, or any other Key Employee(s) (if applicable), as appropriate, or any entity in which the Executive Director/Key Employee(s) (if applicable) has/have, at least, a thirty-five percent (35%) controlling interest; and,
  • no Director or Officer has a material financial interest affected by the outcome of the compensation review.


2016-2017 Members:

  • Kristine Kasbohm (Canisius), Chair
  • Andrew Yeager (Medaille), 1st Vice Chair
  • Jeff Katz (Bard), 2nd Vice Chair
  • Marta Brunner (Skidmore), Treasurer
  • Loretta Ebert (Siena), Secretary
  • Pamela Jones, Executive Director (Ex-Officio Member of the CNY Executive Committee)