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The ConnectNY library consortium, an association of 18 academic libraries located in New York, is dedicated to enhancing services through cooperative initiatives and coordinated activities. Founded in 2003, CNY supports resource sharing and enhancement of services to users through programs in cooperative collecting, access to electronic resources and physical collections, and expedited interlibrary loan and document delivery.

In 2006, CNY approved a formal governance system that allows for a Council of Library Directors (in effect, the governing Board), and a smaller group called the CNY Executive Committee which works closely with the Executive Director in carrying out the goals and objectives of the group. The Chair of the CNY Council is elected for a one-year term and is responsible for providing leadership and guiding the overall governance process of the group.

In 2010 CNY became a Incorporated as a 501 (c)3 non-profit in New York State. In 2011, the CNY Council approved the hiring of full-time Executive Director. The CNY Council of Library Directors meets twice a year and there are two regional CNY meetings that take place each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

This section of the CNY website is the place where CNY information about CNY projects, initiatives, plans, and upcoming meetings may be shared. Staff members of CNY libraries may also go to this portion of the website to find statistical information relevant to the various projects and initiatives pursued by the consortium.


CNY Statistics:



EBL – E-Book project
E-Book Project & Collection Development
Center for Research Libraries

CNY Loan Rule and Peer to Peer Information:

Recall Functionality
Peer-to-Peer FAQs
Circulation Changes
Circulation and Recall FAQs


Administrative Contacts (Library Directors and CNY Executive Director)
Daily Processing Contacts (The staff in circulation/ILL/Access Services that handle the requests and questions on a daily basis.)
Site Coordinators (Department heads for Circulation, ILL, and/or Access Services)
Collection Development

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