January 2015 

ConnectNY, Inc. and New England Express (NExpress), two library consortia located in New York and New England, respectively, have implemented a new library service that enables students, faculty, and staff at 24 colleges and universities located in four different states to borrow materials from member libraries of the two consortia.  Both ConnectNY and NExpress use Innovative Interfaces, Inc.’s INN-Reach peer-to-peer borrowing system to power their resource sharing.

The NExpress catalog includes 7 million books, and ConnectNY has 8.6 million books in its catalog. Patrons will be able to quickly expand their searches from ConnectNY to NEXpress and vice versa and to easily request library materials from a library in the other consortium.  To expedite delivery of requested library materials between consortia libraries, ConnectNY and NEXpress have arranged for coordinated courier services through UPS.